Going against the Grain

 When we got the call to work with Sydney, we were immediately ecstatic. She came to us with an open mind and ready to get dirty. In planning for her shoot we wanted to find the perfect mix of "Generation Z" and "My mom will still love this". So we started pretty tame and ended with everyone covered in oobleck.  What we caught was pure magic and honestly one of our favorite senior portraits to date. 

We are proud to share the steps we took to ensure that Syd's photos were one of a kind.

Photographer: Ozark Collective

Christen Sluyter

Photo Stylist: Savanna Sluyter

Model: Sydney Raymond



Extensive research is needed to ensure that the location matches the model, outfit, and aesthetic of your overall shoot. For Syd's we decided on the Sit & Spin to create the retro feel she wanted, murals downtown to do amazing full body shots, and solid walls to show her beautiful features. Create options, and if something isn't working; move on. The location can make or break a shoot, take the time and do the research. 


Catch the candid moments

Any photoshoot can be awkward, so bringing one person can help relieve the tension and creates a dialogue between the photographer and model. You also get amazing photos, like the one below of Syd with her mom, sitting around while our photo stylist was trying to find our next location. Even in the moments, the shoot is on "pause" our photographer is always ready to go. Whether it's walking down the street or pausing for a coffee break, continue shooting.


Get a new perspective

Sometimes you just stumble upon a great idea. While we were walking down the street, the vibrant flowers were just speaking to us. We joked, "wouldn't it be awesome to get a photo with those" and a lightbulb went off in our heads. Next thing we knew, we had Syd laying down in the flowers, and Christen shooting from above. It stopped traffic and we would like to formally apologize to the city of Fayetteville for destroying those flowers, it was well worth it. 



The end of the shoot. We have gotten all the shots we wanted and now wanted to try something completely out of the ordinary. As an art student, Syd was pumped to work with texture. She held her face while we poured oobleck everywhere and modeled her way through it. She was the perfect model to experiment with this new material. We ended this shoot able to represent our model and ourselves, which is a beautiful thing. It's only been a few weeks and we can't wait to work with her again.