The Evolution of Birth Photos


The stigma of birth is a complicated thing. In the age of our grandparents, it was a scandalous thing even to have your spouse at your side through labor. It was closed door business for medical professionals. The next generation’s women flung those doors wide open for fathers. Those doors are open once more. Let's see why. 


Over the past few years, there has been an undeniable rise in professional birth photography.

Women are now seeing birth as a beautiful thing, for so long delivery was scary, messy business. It has been something to dread and be glad when it passes. But as parents, if we celebrate every year of our children's’ lives then why not celebrate and embrace the moments of their birth. 


There is this idea that a birth photographer is aiming a camera right in your face at literally the worst time you can think of. It’s no surprise to anyone that women like to be “camera ready,” and for some, the delivery room is just not the time and place. And that is understandable. But let's think about it. Labor and delivery is quite literally what the woman body is made for. As a women its your time to shine! Doing what only women can do. There’s not a more beautiful time. There’s not a more empowering time. There’s not a more life changing time. 


Still, some have reservations about the thought of having a stranger in the room as you bring your baby into the world so let's talk through it. The process of labor can be long and tedious. It can be emotionally high and low. No labor and delivery are the same. No mama, no dad, no baby are the same. A professional photographer captures it all. All the moments you think you will never forget. All the moments that you didn’t realize were happening.

 Like the first time, you see your baby's face. The first time you and your partner looks into each other's eyes and know life will never be the same. All of these moments are worth capturing. 


When you hire a photographer for maternity, delivery and newborn shoots you get a seamless photo gallery that will be kept and passed down for generations to come. In this day and age, anyone can take a picture whether it's your camera or iPhone. But not so in the delivery room. A birth photographer has not only the creative eye for the art of photography but also a love for birth. Your photographer is part of your birth team that supports you as you labor. Labor can be chill, intense or downright crazy. A photographer captures it all (or as much as requested). 

A birth photographer captures the beauty and connection of birth. The photos speak a thousand words to the inexpressible moments of meeting your baby. 

jared sluyter