Create or Die

Our option to create is a foundational law that very few of us understand. Our mandate and image is creation, but we have fallen into the belief that we are somehow in control of our identity. Identity is the most explored word we have. Maybe not in day to day conversation but it’s the underlying motive to every move we make. With every breath, we are considering all the possibilities of our next steps. Soul-searching is trendy; it's also an epidemic. We’ve made identity a contextual option instead of a foundational truth.

Don’t be alarmed, the real you is still there. Nobody can take the image you were created in. All you need has been taken care of, and all you have to do is accept and expect. God gave the mandate to be fruitful and multiply. He gave dominion and authority. He says all good things are prepared before you, for you. This theme is pretty consistent with God because it’s the only way to walk with God.  Our issue lies in the vulnerability of it all.

There have been times in all of our lives where hearts are stripped away because of the opinions or doings of others. We can’t remember every good thing we have got in life, but we can for sure remember those dark moments or those one liners that crushed our spirits growing up. Vulnerability becomes a far cry and gets replaced with something else. Thus begins the life we know.

So what are we talking about again? Identity or creativity. Both. You see, both are written into our DNA. You can’t have one without the other. We worship in Spirit and Truth. The Truth gives authority for the Spirit to live. The spirit gives testimony for the Truth. When we operate from the Truth of our identity, we begin to create with the Spirit.



I’m not saying you are an artist; You don't have to start finger painting at your desk job. But you were made to be creative. Put your heart to work and forget about rest. It’s not an overnight event, but the new you is going to change the world because you were always meant to. Oh, and it's gonna be fun.